MY WEEKEND POWER RE-CHARGE . . . You could do it, too!

Perennial visitors to my place, The Side Street Shop Olde Town, know that I put quite a lot of myself as expressionism into the store. The decorum is quite well considered and as a perfectionist I demand a fastidious environment. I see myself a bit like the Felix character vs. Oscar. This weighs heavily on my GF who seems at times to merely tolerate me and not adore me.

(As would, naturally speaking, be my goal.)

[Supernaturally speaking, on the other hand, my goal would naturally be to just go ahead and…ah, but wait. Stop. Let’s not get into that just yet].




So . . . what’s a fellow to do when the opportunity presents itself to get away for the weekend? Secretly, I have been planning on popping the question and reviewing just where and how to do it. I have also been researching where the ceremony might best take place. Where should I plan to have the greatest Colorado ranch wedding ever?

Wow! I finally found it! Without question, it’s…Lower Lake Ranch!

Lower Lake Ranch ( is unquestionably Heaven on Earth! For folks like us in Arvada Colorado, it’s the perfect getaway! In Arvada, while a great place, we still endure a daily urban grind. It’s a bit removed from the natural beauty we ever seek and expect. Yes, that beauty exists here in Colorado in abundance but getting out, finding it and enjoying it has become arduous as the sprawl of society and population spreads out from Denver and beyond.

Ahh! but then, suddenly, out of nowhere…

Eternal Salvation!*

(*NOTE: This term is a currently admitted illegal and underhanded Overstatement currently under consideration for sale to the highest bidder).

When you arrive at Lower Lake Ranch, your blood pressure drops about twenty points and the feeling of being one with nature envelops you like a soothing blanket! Nestled in arguably Colorado’s most magnificent geographic location, Lower Lake Ranch starts by offering the most magnificent vistas to be found anywhere on Earth!

If you look towards the buildings and amenities Lower Lake Ranch has to offer, you see wonderful, welcoming architecture which you know will be a great place to hang out and have a great time! If you turn your head the other way, you will see mountain ranges that evoke deep feelings and wonderment.

There’s no guessing that’s why hundreds of couples come to Lower Lake Ranch every year to get married. This is, in fact, why I wanted to make a getaway here this weekend and check the place out! Remember, I was seeking to find the ultimate location in these parts to arrange a Colorado ranch wedding!

As we entered the chateau and approached the front desk, I had an expectation to get one of the most ordinary rooms they could offer. Remember, I wanted to come back here again for the ultimate Colorado ranch wedding and wanted to save their most regal lodging for that special event.

Well, that turned out to be a lost cause.

There are no ordinary rooms at this hotel! Here I am with my finance (fiancée?) giving it my best effort to provide her with a romantic getaway and secretly surveilling our future site of matrimony! I guess, in a way, I was also planting the seed in her mind that this would be the place where the blessed event would be consummated!

Serendipitously, there was a wedding party checking in while we were. After we were situated in our room and went out to explore the place, we could see the great effort the Lower Lake Ranch makes to create the perfect Colorado ranch weddings for their customers!

The perfect settings where seating is arranged looking out over some of God’s most magnificent creations . . . glorious mountains with azure skies . . . as beautiful to behold as the innocent face on my bride to be.

If you’ve been thinking of getting married and wanted to take advantage of all Colorado has to offer, you owe it to yourself to take a good look at the Lower Lake Ranch ( because it is absolutely guaranteed to please!