Rustic Wedding Adventure


We wanted to share with you the recent experience one of our book experts had at a Colorado lodging gem. As purveyors of classic books and literature, we often live in our imaginations, and love when we have amazing experiences that make one our favorite books come to life. This was the case not long ago when our western book expert planned a wedding at the amazing Lower Lake Ranch in Pine, Colorado.

There is nothing that takes you back to the old west like a Colorado ranch wedding. Our western book expert’s daughter recently was married at the Lower Lake Ranch. We were all invited and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful place to have a wedding. Mike’s daughter loves everything about the old west, just like her dad, but she also loves to be an elegant young woman. This wedding spot was just the perfect combination of elegant and rustic.

Let me tell you about some of the awesome features of the Lower Lake Ranch, because frankly, this is one of the local spots that I think everyone of our customers should know about.

First, the location is spectacular. The ranch is located right on a beautiful creek, with a couple of amazing fishing ponds. The backdrop is amazing granite rock formations that are unique and majestic.

This beautiful spot is the home of the oldest guest ranch in Colorado!

Lower Lake Ranch comes complete with horses, amazing old barns, old farm and ranch equipment and beautiful cabins. All of this was combined with beautiful lodges that were perfect for Mike’s daughter.

The lodges, while they feel rustic, have every amenity that a bride could want. From perfect photo spots to wide open dance floors and an amazing patio to spend the night celebrating under the stars.

It was a perfect wedding, and I couldn’t say enough good things about the Lower Lake Ranch, their wedding facilities or their amazing staff. It was a great wedding location and I can’t wait to get away for a long weekend this summer to the Lower Lake Ranch.